We have been over thirty years experience in the Real Estate industry, so we have weathered the storms of the S & L disaster, three recessions, the stock market crashes, the sub prime debacle and the current pandemic.  Through it all we are the top choice for Off-market properties, Vacant property search  and Rehab loans for commercial and investment properties.
Finding the right property is only half the battle; you also need to find the right type of funding, that’s where we come in.  Knowing the right type of  financing for your situation is critical,  Hard Money, Commercial, Business or Rehab financing we can do them all.

Our mission is to create a “Networx” for our customers to post wholesale properties and offer them to cash buyers and investors without the middleman.  Here you can Post properties, Get Vacant property info, and Finance your deals in a one stop shop,

Furthermore, we pledge to help Investors, wholesalers, and borrowers overcome roadblocks that can arise while boosting your real estate business.